491 people make slime at Montreal museum for Guinness World Record

A Guinness World Record was broken at a Montreal museum when 491 people participated in a slime-making lesson.

Guinness World Records announced the event at the Montreal Science Center in Canada broke the record for the world’s largest slime making lesson.

The lesson, led by “local slime star” Yannick Bergeron, was organized as part of the Science of Guinness World Records, a traveling museum exhibition, Guinness said.

Bergeron led the participants in making their own slime using water, calcium chloride and sodium alginate.

Sara Arsenault, one of the organizers of the record attempt, said Guinness rules required at least 90 percent of participants to remain for the entirety of the lesson and all of those counted had to create their own slime.

“When we heard that the Guinness World Records attempt was successful, it was euphoria,” Arsenault told Guinness.