About our Organization

This organization provides parents of profoundly gifted children support, insight, and a number of useful resources. Parents can also access information on the characteristics of gifted children. TPPG provides both an online and in-person support network.

Profoundly Gifted children are unique and parenting these children comes with rare opportunities and challenges. Coming to grips with this situation eight years ago, Stacia and Mike Taylor realized that their oldest daughter, who was then ten years old, had little or no contact with other children who could understand and enter her world and they strongly suspected that their younger two girls would soon face the same dilemma. Stacia knew that she and her husband faced very unique parenting issues and that her family desperately needed to connect with like minded people. However, in a city the size of Houston, in a State the size of Texas, Stacia knew that they could not be completely alone. So, in 2003, armed with a great deal of determination, Stacia took a leap of faith and pulled together a small group of like-minded families to launch what ultimately would become Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted.

In the eight years since its inception, Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted has grown from a small family run support group into a State non-profit. In 2007, while initiating the first ever profoundly gifted cooperative in the Houston area, Stacia recruited educational consultant Susan Mulé and testing adviser Summer Bergen, to serve on the Board. Without wavering in its mission statement to bring PG together families to offer families support, insight and resources, TPPG has grown from 10 to 80 families in Texas and neighboring States. TPPG offers both online and in-person support to families of profoundly gifted kids. Services include family gatherings, educational advocacy, and educational opportunities such as periodic cooperative classes, clubs, online discussion groups and seminars.